Kirei’s field of business requires a very high level of trust between the provider and the client. In order for us to establish and maintain this trust, we make sure that all services, solutions and products delivered by us are of an exceptional standard. Our clients must be able to completely trust that the information we are handling on their behalf will be given the best protection possible and will never be disclosed to any third party. We value our independence, impartiality and unique position as unaffiliated with any other information security provider on the market.

Our ambition is also to be the very best knowledge provider available in the field of qualified information security, and to deliver unique services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

In order to maintain that position we continually need to develop and improve our ways of conducting our business. We therefore allocate the resources needed to closely follow and sometimes lead the development in our business fields. We engage in standardisation work, take part in conferences and debates, give lectures and conduct training sessions, as well as perform our own in-depth research and development work on whichever area raises our curiosity.

In order to deliver our unique services, we also need a very broad knowledge base that gives us the ability to comprehensively assess our clients’ needs, including business related, legal and technical aspects. This we achieve through working with a great variety of clients from many different countries and various sectors of society.

We also implement the knowledge we acquire in order to create the best possible benefit for each of our clients. We achieve this through maintaining good, long-term relationships with our clients, in which we provide an active support in their business developments. This requires reliable delivery, on time and in compliance with existing agreements, and of course that all work is performed in accordance with current legislation.

Thanks to well-established practices based on well-adapted efficient support tools, we can guarantee the quality of all of our work. Of course we also practice what we preach. Any discrepancies are thoroughly followed up and corrected. We then analysed to the root cause and take any appropriate measures in order to prevent recurrence.

Kirei is the platform that its founders, Jakob Schlyter and Fredrik Ljunggren, use to provide knowledge. As a guarantee for continuity, quality and versatility both of them are always up to speed on each project taken on. Each project has one main responsible person whose work is then reviewed and quality assessed by the other. Whenever parts of a service are provided by subcontractors, their material is always subjected to the same kind of quality assurance and peer review, to make sure the finished result meets the same high quality standards as our own work.

Our solutions are always characterised by the pure, beautiful and clear. In short, what Kirei is all about.